Hardship Fund Guide


What should a person/family do to qualify?

1.An applicant has to fill up the Hardship Application or send a letter in writing via mail, email or fax to the board of directors of the EAS.
2.Applicant is to exhaust all outside government  help & assistance first.
3.No monies or monetary compensations are to be directly given to any of the applicants, instead, have all monetary help directly depleted by the EAS board to satisfy the source of the hardship.
4.  The definition of hardship should be identified and set by the board.
5.All help has to be on a first come, first serve basis. 
6.If primary requirements of the applications or requests of help submitted to the EAS are not met within 30 days, the application(s) will be dropped and will have to be resubmitted through new application.
7.If a fundraiser is held and the need is no longer there, the EAS reserves the right to keep the money in the Hardship fund until a more appropriate cause presents itself.
8.All causes of support will have to be legal and ethical according to the American Laws and the cultural considerations to uphold the utmost benefit to every member of the EAS.
9.All qualified applicants will have to be members of the EAS. Any exceptions to this rule will have to be made by a full active board. Confidentiality has to be maintained to the utmost degree with anyone including the board members’ own families.
10.Help for any applicants can not exceed $1,000.00 per applicant per Unum. No applicant can qualify for more than two chances to be helped for the life time of the applicants. Any additional funds will require the approval of the full board.
11.No Board member or any of their immediate families  can qualify.